Global Security & Risk Management

Halifax Group supports the U.S. Departments of Defense, State and Energy in addition to the Intelligence communities and commercial industry with enhanced due diligence investigations and “deep-dive” research into supply chain risk management (SCRM) matters, company threat assessments, insider threat, and corporate fraud investigations.  Halifax Group investigators and analysts use Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Social media Exploitation (SOMEX), proprietary artificial intelligence software, and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to draft and provide technical research papers on foreign adversaries who have penetrated our U.S. Government or who have otherwise obtained placement and access to sensitive material and positions through U.S. Government grants and contract awards.  Halifax has also provided sensitive white papers and briefings to the DoD on vulnerability assessments and vendor vetting of contractors working on classified programs and platforms.  

Halifax Group relies on the combination of our investigators, former intelligence officers, and DoD security specialists in addition to our strategic partners who specializing in cyber security, policy review, military base assessments, and red cell/blue cell exercises to provide our clients a complete picture of the vulnerabilities to their facilities, platforms, and programs. 

  • Company Threat Assessments
  • Site Surveys
  • Base Threat Assessment (DoD)
  • Penetration Testing/Red Cell
  • Vulnerability Review
    • Individuals
    • Companies
    • Technology Platform
    • Sensitive Programs
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Assessment/Investigation)
    • Insider Threat
    • Corporate fraud
    • Intellectual Property Theft
    • Commercial intelligence
    • Corporate espionage
    • Theft of Trade Secrets
    • Special Area Studies
  • Compliance investigations
  • Fraud Waste and Abuse
  • Corporate integrity
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Compliance Training

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