Halifax Group specialize in government, corporate, and private investigations in a variety of areas such as enhanced due diligence, company threat assessments, SCRM, insider threat, pattern of life analysis, intellectual property protection, corporate background research, and litigation support.

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Decades Of Experience Conducting Undercover Counterproliferation Investigations & Operations Sets Us Apart From Other Firms

Halifax Group is a professional SDVOSB firm registered in Maryland that provides enhanced due diligence, analytical research, and various investigative support for commercial and local government clients.  We offer professional services to the Defense and Intelligence communities that include the following: business intelligence, counter-proliferation SMEs, foreign materiel acquisition; financial non-attribution services, OSINT, HUMINT and All Source Analysts, Law Enforcement SMEs, and other technical and logistics assistance for sensitive mission support activities for the USG.

What differentiates us from other firms in our field is our decades of experience conducting undercover counterproliferation investigations and operations.  Those investigations focused on the latest emerging technology and often sensitive defense items sought after by foreign governments, terrorist organizations, arms dealers, and their proxies.

Experienced, Integrity  & Advanced Capabilities


What Our Expertise Means for you

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Halifax Group has a unique enhanced due diligence and SCRM capability grounded in intense, up close and personal investigative research.  We do not solely rely on proprietary databases tuned with the latest in artificial intelligence.  We understand the advancements and importance of AI in this process, but we feel that human-based intelligence will always be crucial to getting a complete understanding of the abilities, limitations, and most importantly the motivations of your potential customers, vendors, and representatives. 


We offer our expertise across a broad array of industries and sectors, both public and private

  • Defense & Aerospace
  • National Security
  • Intelligence
  • State & Local Law Enforcement 
  • Energy
  • High Net Worth Iindividuals
  • Law Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Commercial Businesses

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