Foreign Materiel Acquisition

Halifax Group works with reliable professional associates overseas who have unique placement and access to identify and acquire items.  (U.S. Government only).

Our logisticians and nonstandard weapons and ammunition experts, in association with our investigative staff have experience in identifying fraudulent documents such as end user certificates and certificates of conformance and compliance.  They are experts in U.S. Government contract review (FARS and DFARS) and interpretation and can help your company determine if your vendor has been compliant and if their products conform to the contract.  Our inspection experts are versed in non-standard weapons and ammunition identification to include head stamps, packaging, paint, and nomenclature and can accurately determine the provenance of the item preventing compliance and legal issues and potential media scrutiny in the future.   

  • Acquisition
  • Financial non-attribution
  • On-site management
  • Inspection verification
    • Certificate of compliance
    • Certificate of conformance
    • End user agreement
    • Provenance¬†
    • Contractual obligation

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