Federal, State, & Local Law Enforcement

Halifax Group personnel have a history of working for and supporting Law Enforcement agencies at every level.  We know most smaller departments tend to conduct background investigations on their applicants internally due to budget constraints.  It sometimes becomes an additional duty for a patrol officer.  Sometimes this function is outsourced to an HR firm that is familiar with hiring laws but usually lacks the law enforcement experience.  Halifax Group will work with you within your budget to help your department evaluate and find the best candidates.  Halifax can also assist Mayor’s offices with executive level background investigations for Police Chief candidates.     

In those instances when an officer’s integrity comes in to question, an agency may turn to their Office of Professional Responsibility or Internal Affairs unit.  Halifax Group is also here to help an Agency provide a neutral, independent investigation of the event. Halifax can provide a fair and impartial review that can educate a civilian review board, dissect the situation, and present a full picture of the event based on evaluating departmental training; rules, policy, and regulations; the threat, emotion, totality of the circumstances, reasonableness, and alternate outcomes.        

Although police departments and federal agencies employ talented support personnel, sometimes additional help is needed.  Halifax’s investigators and analysts are versed in OSINT, HUMINT, SOMINT, and All Source analysis.  Our investigators and operations officers have years of experience working investigations involving gangs, narcotics, terrorism, arms dealing, fraud schemes, and technology smuggling.  Through our strategic partners we have used our proprietary electronic man hunting capabilities to assist the U.S. military, U.S Marshalls Service, and the Texas Rangers in locating a missing U.S. Army soldier and other agencies to identify and track a threat. 

Halifax personnel volunteer their time to support the National Child Protection Task Force, which is a registered 501c3 that was founded to provide detectives, analysts, and officers access to investigative expertise and resources that are unavailable or under-funded in most law enforcement organizations.

  • Background Investigations
    • Applicant Candidates
    • Current Employees
    • Handgun Permits
    • PI, Agency, and Security Guard License
  • SCRM and Vendor Vetting 
  • Operational Support
    • Independent OPR Investigations
    • Counter-narcotics support
    • Electronic Manhunting
    • Missing Persons Support
    • Anti-Human Trafficking Support
    • Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
    • Undercover Training and Support 
    • SME
  • Training and Operational
    • Tradecraft
    • Backstopping
    • Official Cover
  • Analytic Support
    • OSINT Research
    • Protective Intelligence
    • HUMINT
    • SOMINT
    • All SOURCE

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